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Club TCM

Exclusively for passholders*, Club TCM is a private locale in the historic Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel where movie fans can gather to relax, meet new friends, and attend special presentations and events with many of our celebrity guests. Recreating the flavor of bygone Hollywood hotspots, Club TCM embodies true Hollywood glamour and is located in the Blossom Room—the site of the very first Academy Awards banquet.

Announced Club TCM Programming to Date:

    • TRIBUTE CONVERSATIONS: One on one conversations with this year’s Festival Tribute recipients, actor and artist Russ Tamblyn and production designer Patrizia von Brandenstein.
    • ASSISTING THE CLASSICS: Personal assistants to classic stars like Groucho Marx and filmmakers such as George Cukor recount colorful stories of working with Hollywood greats.
    • LOONEY TUNES AT THE OSCARS: Randy Haberkamp from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and animation historian Jerry Beck present the best of Warner Bros.’ Oscar-nominated cartoons.
    • BANNED IN THE SOUTH: Actress, writer, and singer Shari Belafonte and historian David Pierce from the Library of Congress discuss the censorship of Hollywood movies released in the American South in the 1930s and 40s, reviewing the role of the movie studios, the Hays Office, and local exhibitors in limiting the reach of Black film artists.
    • WARNER BROS. COMING ATTRACTIONS: Randy Haberkamp shares a collection of original Warner Bros. advertising trailers, from the sublime to the ridiculous.
    • SO YOU THINK YOU KNOW MOVIES: This popular team trivia event returns with host Bruce Goldstein, founder and co-president of Rialto Pictures and Director of Repertory Programming at New York’s Film Forum.

Stay tuned for more great programming soon!

*Select events limited by pass level.