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Bob Weitz

Bob has been directly involved with post-production cinema sound since 1986. He has worked for Todd-AO Studios, Sony Pictures, MGM Studios, Universal Pictures, and is currently at Warner Bros. Studios. Bob’s career has spanned the transition from analog to digital and all of the numerous formats entailed.

As a musician as well as an engineer, Bob has a strong interest in the history of sound recording technology, having designed several systems to facilitate playback of obsolete sound formats. In 1998 he, with Dan Leimeter, won an Academy Technical Achievement Award for a system they designed to improve optical sound playback alignment in projector sound heads.

When Warner Bros. Sound Archives director asked Bob if he could set up a system to transfer Vitaphone records, he enthusiastically went to work designing a custom synchronous turntable, tonearm, and preamp system. Projection engineer Steve Levy provided valuable information about the legacy technology, as well as assisting in implementing it for live screenings with 35mm film.

Friday, April 19
9:00 am - 10:30 am
Chinese Multiplex House 6