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Kin Shriner

Kin Shriner was born in New York and spent his early years living in Larchmont with his mother Pixie, a well-known humorist, his dad Herb, his sister Indy, and his twin brother, a comedian named Wil. They eventually moved to Beverly Hills where Kin and his brother began school at Good Shepherd Catholic School. Kin’s schoolmates were children of iconic celebrities like Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, Dean Martin, and Ray Walston. It’s not surprising to learn that, since then, Kin has been a fan of classic Hollywood films and stars. As pre-adolescents, Kin and his famous buddies (without parental knowledge) used to give out-of-state visitors tours inside stars’ Hollywood homes. They also made their own versions of classic blockbuster films and TV shows, like The Lone Ranger and Batman.  

About this time, Kin’s parents decided to move their family away from the glare of Hollywood lights. They relocated to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In the Venice of America, Kin and Wil piloted skiffs to school and water-skied their way home. For a few years, Kin’s Hollywood dreams were blissfully placed on the back burner. 

After their parents tragically died in a car accident, Kin and Wil went to live with their grandmother in Texas. She was a big fan of classic movies, and Kin’s dreams of becoming an actor began to seriously take shape. 

It was no surprise to their family and friends when Kin and Wil moved back to Los Angeles as adults and shared a house in Laurel Canyon. True to form, Kin was able to cite former famous residents of every Hollywood home as he drove a cab around Beverly Hills and Hollywood to pay for rent and acting classes. Kin studied under the iconic acting teacher and director, Lilyan Chauvin. His classmates included Jacqueline Bisset, Suzanne Somers, and his future General Hospital co-star, Jackie Zeman. Ms. Chauvin famously used old scripts from classic films and TV shows for scene study. Later, Ms. Chauvin directed Kin and Jackie in a play.   

During this time, Kin was discovered by a Universal Studios talent scout who signed him to a development contract.  This was a dream come true for Kin, who was able to hone his acting skills and learn the ins and outs of the business from stars like Raymond Burr, Robert Conrad, and Sam Elliott. Kin notes this period of his life was not unlike the studio contracts that iconic young actors signed during the Golden Age of Hollywood.   

In 1977, Kin began his (so far) forty-six-year tenure in his best-known role, Scotty Baldwin of ABC’s General Hospital. In the golden years of daytime dramas, ratings skyrocketed as hot young actors and actresses filled America’s screens—and hearts.  Kin covered hundreds of fan magazines, which were purchased by young women whose mothers once coveted periodicals featuring Frank Sinatra and Kirk Douglas. 

Kin took time out from GH to appear on several other network and syndicated soaps, also guest starring on series like Eight is Enough, Love Boat, and Full House. In the 1980s, Kin co-starred in the TV miniseries War and Remembrance starring Robert Mitchum and Once an Eagle starring Sam Elliott. Kin also had a role in Garry Marshall’s Young Doctors in Love (1982). 

Kin currently divides his time between General Hospital and his beloved Florida. He continues to claim his unofficial role as Turner Classic Movies’ biggest fan! 

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