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Night Has a Thousand Eyes (1948)

The ads for this film noir asked, “Would You Like To Know What Your Tomorrow Will Be?” If you’re living in a world envisioned by the great Cornell Woolrich (who published the original novel under the pseudonym George Hopley) as directed by noir specialist John Farrow, the answer is probably, “No.” Edward G. Robinson stars as John Triton, a phony psychic billed as “The Mental Wizard.” When he develops true psychic powers and sees his fiancée (Virginia Bruce) die in childbirth, he goes into seclusion. Years later, he reemerges to save her daughter (Gail Russell) after having a premonition of her death. From its opening scene, the film is filled with tension and a sense of impending doom that’s made it a favorite among film noir lovers.

d. John Farrow, 81m, 35mm nitrate print