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Howard Suber

Howard has taught thousands of aspiring writers, producers, directors, and other film and television makers at UCLA’s film school for 53 years. The Regents of the University of California bestowed upon him The Dickson Emeritus Professorship Award, “the highest honor bestowed upon a retired faculty member.” 

He created and chaired the department’s current Film and Television Producers Program, and the Ph.D. program in film and television studies. He was also one of founding directors of the UCLA Film Archive, which became the largest institutional collection of films west of the Library of Congress during his tenure. 

TCM aired The Power of Film, a six-episode series written and hosted by Howard Suber, over six weeks in January and February 2024 and again during a marathon screening on April 10, 2024. The series deals with nearly 300 of America’s most popular and memorable films and attempts to explain why certain films were not only popular in their own time but have continued to interest succeeding generations.

He has been a consultant and expert witness for the major Hollywood studios and several networks on copyright and related creative and intellectual content issues. 

Howard has published three books: The Power of Film, Letters to Young Filmmakers/Creativity and Getting Your Films Made and Creativity and Copyright with John Geiger