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Sherlock Jr. (1924)

One hundred years ago, Buster Keaton exploded the film medium with this short feature about a projectionist who dreams himself into the movie he’s showing. At first, he’s trapped by the editing as the scene around him keeps changing. Then he moves into the plot of Hearts and Pearls or The Lounge Lizard’s Lost Love as a detective out to retrieve a stolen pearl necklace. Keaton spent months on the picture’s elaborate sight gags, including a dazzling pool game and a madcap chase. The scenes were shot with only two camera tricks. Everything else was real, including a fall in which he fractured his neck. SHERLOCK JR. is shown with the 1921 comedy THE GOAT, in which Keaton is mistaken for a notorious killer. 

d. Buster Keaton, 45m, DCP