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Rear Window (1954)

It’s a murder mystery. It’s a love story. It’s a dark comedy. It’s an exercise in pure cinema. The marvel of REAR WINDOW is that it functions perfectly on so many different levels. Felled by a broken leg, photographer James Stewart spies on his neighbors, one of whom may be a killer. At the same time, he works through his inability to connect to his girlfriend Grace Kelly (impeccably dressed by Edith Head), while, visiting nurse Thelma Ritter cracks wise about the various plot elements. Alfred Hitchcock felt this was one of the few films in which he used visuals to tell his story seamlessly, from the pan of Stewart’s apartment that establishes his character to the way he creates the lives of the people Stewart watches.

d. Alfred Hitchcock, 112m, 35mm

35mm IB Technicolor Print