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Clue (1985)

“Whodunnit” is usually a question decided well before a film is released. With this 1985 spoof, it was determined by where you saw the film, with three different endings playing at various theaters across the country. Like the 1949 game that inspired it, Clue is a mystery revolving around who killed Mr. Boddy (Lee Ving of the punk band Fear), where the crime occurred, and with what weapon it was committed. The suspects are a colorful group played by such eminent farceurs as Christopher Lloyd, Michael McKean, Lesley Ann Warren, Eileen Brennan and Madeline Kahn, with Tim Curry as the Butler. Although the film underperformed at the box office, it became a huge hit in cable’s early days, with all three endings shown at the end, as will be the case for this screening. 

d. Jonathan Lynn, 94m, Digital