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Back from the Ink: Restored Animated Shorts (2024)

UCLA Film & Television Archive and The Film Foundation, in collaboration with the Seth MacFarlane Foundation, have curated a program of rarely seen, newly restored shorts from the extensive animation collection held in the Archive’s Paramount Studios Collection. UCLA and The Film Foundation, with the help of Paramount Studios Archive, selected and restored these 9 shorts by animation pioneers Max and Dave Fleischer, George Pal, and Mannie Davis.  Each employed different techniques and styles, but they all exemplified the innovative spirit of animation in the 1920s – 1940s, a period in which the art form was continually expanded and reimagined.  Special thanks to Jane Fleischer Reid, Mauricio Alvarado and Jerry Beck.

64m, DCP


  • KOKO’S TATTOO (1928) (d. Dave Fleischer, 6 min) 
  • LITTLE NOBODY (1935) (d. Dave Fleischer, 7 min) 
  • THE LITTLE STRANGER (1936) (d. Dave Fleischer, 8 min) 
  • GREEDY HUMPTY DUMPTY (1936) (d. Dave Fleischer, 7 min) 
  • PEEPING PENGUINS (1937) (d. Dave Fleischer, 6 min) 
  • THE FRESH VEGETABLE MYSTERY (1939) (d. Dave Fleischer, 7 min) 
  • SO DOES AN AUTOMOBILE (1939) (d. Dave Fleischer, 8 min) 
  • THE THREE BEARS (1939) (d. Mannie Davis, 7 min)
  • TWO-GUN RUSTY (1944) (d. George Pal, 8 min)