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Steven Soderbergh

Steven Soderbergh is a writer, director, producer, cinematographer, and editor. He most recently directed the film Magic Mike’s Last Dance, which debuted in theaters worldwide in February 2023. He earned the Academy Award in 2001 for directing Traffic, the same year he was nominated for Erin Brockovich. Soderbergh earlier received an Academy Award nomination for Best Original Screenplay for Sex, Lies, and Videotape (1989), his feature film directorial debut. The film also won the Palme d’Or at the 1989 Cannes Film Festival. His television film Behind the Candelabra, for which he won a 2013 Emmy Award for Outstanding Directing, debuted on HBO in May of that year.

His long and valued relationship with Warner Bros. includes not only Ocean’s Eleven (2001), Twelve (2004), and Thirteen (2007), but also his films The Good German (2006), Equilibrium (2004), The Informant! (2009), Contagion (2011), and the first Magic Mike (2012), as well as the aforementioned Magic Mike’s Last Dance.

Among his other credits are the HBO limited series Mosaic, the television series The Knick for Cinemax, and the films Kafka (1991), King of the Hill (1993), The Underneath (1995), Schizopolis (1996), Gray’s Anatomy (1996), Out of Sight (1998), The Limey (1999), Full Frontal (2002), Solaris (2002), Bubble (2005), Che (2008), The Girlfriend Experience (2009), And Everything is Going Fine (2010), Haywire (2011), Side Effects (2013), Logan Lucky (2017), Unsane (2018), High Flying Bird (2019), The Laundromat (2019), Let Them All Talk (2020), No Sudden Move (2021), and Kimi (2022).

His next project will be the limited series Full Circle for HBO Max.

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