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Lea Price

A lifelong animal advocate and longtime friend of Doris Day, Lea Price had been helping Doris with animal welfare work since the time of Doris’s involvement with Actors and Others for Animals, before founding her own Doris Day Pet Foundation in 1978.

Lea first discovered Doris Day in With Six You Get Eggroll (1968) as a child in Chicago and knew that Doris would somehow be an integral part of her life.  Little did she know, she and Doris would meet in Beverly Hills in 1974 and remain close friends until Doris passed away in 2019 at the age of 97.

After relocating to Los Angeles in 1984, Lea had a long and successful career in the entertainment and publishing industries, most notably at ABC, where she primarily worked on marketing, licensing, and distribution of ABC programming to worldwide media markets.  She later segued to Los Angeles magazine (both companies owned by Disney at the time).

Lea officially joined the Doris Day Animal Foundation in 2009 and was asked by Doris to serve on its Board of Directors in 2011.  As Director of Communications, she is actively involved in DDAF’s day-to-day business and oversees the organization of fundraising events.  On behalf of DDAF, Lea collaborated on the Celebrating Doris and Forever Doris DVDs, and most recently, Doris Day: Images of a Hollywood Icon, a book of rare and personal photographs from Doris’s collection, released in honor of her centennial year.

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Friday, April 22
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