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In 1942, Republic Pictures released the 12-chapter serial action adventure, Spy Smasher, directed by William Witney and starring Kane Richmond and Marguerite Chapman. Based on a popular comic book character from Fawcett Publications, Spy Smasher tells the exciting tale of a costumed hero battling the Nazis in the early days of America’s entry into World War II. Spy Smasher stands today as one of the greatest examples of the Republic studio style, with amazing special effects by brothers Howard and Theodore Lydecker and a who’s-who of stunt performers, including Davy Sharpe, Carey Loftin, Tom Steele, and Yakima Canutt, among others. Presented here is Spy Smasher Strikes Back, Academy Award-winning sound designer and editor Ben Burtt’s novel edit of the 215-minute serial into one 94-minute feature. In addition, Burtt has enhanced the sound effects, remastered the mix in stereo surround, included new Lydecker special effects footage, and added a few new scenes. This “love letter to Republic” is a special edition that brings to life a new crackerjack thriller that would leave Indiana Jones breathless. (d. William Witney, 94m, Digital)