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Though this science-fiction thriller is set in 2022, rest assured that the poolside Tropicana Café offers much more appetizing fare than the stuff you’ll see on screen. Harry Harrison’s 1966 novel Make Room! Make Room! was inspired by a friend’s post-World War II warning that overpopulation was the greatest threat facing humanity. Harrison created a dystopian world in which overcrowding, pollution, and climate catastrophes have led to massive food shortages for all but the richest, who can afford luxury apartments, fresh food, and live-in sex partners like the character Shirl (Leigh Taylor-Young). Charlton Heston stars as a police detective investigating the murder of an executive (Joseph Cotten) in the powerful Soylent Corporation, which has just introduced a highly nutritious artificial food called “Soylent Green.” Although initially met with mixed reviews, the film has become an enduring favorite. It also features the last screen appearance of Edward G. Robinson, as a retired college professor who aids in Heston’s investigation. (d. Richard Fleischer, 97m, Digital)