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How to Add Passholder Names to Your 2023 Festival Passes

Thank you for purchasing pass(es) to the 2023 TCM Classic Film Festival. We’re thrilled you and/or your guests will be joining us this April 13-16 in Hollywood!

Each festival pass you purchased must be assigned to an individual name before it can be claimed at Will Call. You can add and edit the name(s) you want on your pass(es) using the instructions below. Please do so prior to Monday, March 6, 2023.

Please review the following steps for adding your individual passholder names to your pass(es):

1.  First, click here.

2.  Log in using the email address you entered during your online pass purchase. Note: Each 2023 pass order is associated with an individual email address. If you made multiple purchases using different email addresses, you must repeat the steps below for each email address.

3.  A summary of the pass order associated with your email address will appear after you log in so that you can review the number and level of passes in your order. Please use it as reference when entering in your pass names.

4.  Where you see the text “1st Pass level” please select a pass level which corresponds to your pass order from the drop down. Please do NOT select pass levels that do not correspond to your order confirmation as this will delay the creation of your pass(es).

5.  Where you see the text ”1st Passholder Name” please enter the first and last names exactly as you would like them to appear on your first pass.

6.  If you purchased more than one festival pass with the order associated with this email address, please select the next pass level and enter the first and last names for next pass. Repeat this process for each additional pass in your order.

7.  Please do not add any information into any field which does not correspond to your order. For instance, if you only purchased two passes with this email address, do not add any information in any of the fields designated for passes 3 through 6.

8.  Before you submit your names and pass levels, please take a moment to ensure the number of passes and pass levels corresponds to the Order Details at the top of the page.

9.  Press “Finish.”

10.  After you have completed and submitted the form, you will see a Thank You message on your screen. Note: this is confirmation that your names have been submitted to the Box Office and no further action is required.

11.  You can review or change the names on your passes at any time prior to Monday, March 6, 2023 by clicking here.

As a reminder, please note that purchased passes will only be available for Will Call pickup at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel beginning Wednesday April 12th and are not available for advanced shipping. Pass purchasers will be provided information on Will Call hours and pick-up procedures closer to the Festival. 

If you have any additional questions or need assistance with passholder names after March 6, 2023, please email the Festival Box Office staff directly at

We can’t wait to see you in Hollywood in April!

Your Friends at TCM