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Romeo Timothy Carey was born on April 3, 1961 to parents Doris Erica Meyer and Timothy William Carey, who delivered him in their El Monte home. Carey’s father worked as a Hollywood actor and filmmaker. They met in Munich, Germany in 1957 on the set of Paths of Glory. Both of their families hailed from Munich and Naples, Italy. Romeo was raised in the neighborhood of El Monte, California known as “Little Mexico” or “End of The Santa Fe Trail,” which later provided the inspiration for his Latin film starring Lawrence Tierney and Danny Trejo, (1999).

Carey grew up in his father’s film studio and served as production assistant and actor in his father’s film, Tweet’s Ladies of Pasadena (1979). Carey earned a B.S. degree in film communications in 1986, followed by a job with CNN, L.A. Bureau. During this time, he made numerous prize-winning short films including, “The Devil’s Gas” (1988) starring his father, and he directed his first series of music video for MTV. He also formed his own film production company Absolute Films in 1988 and opened an office in Beverly Hills operating out of both his father’s film studio and his production office. During the early 1990’s, contracts for corporate and commercial work led to intense producing for the US Postal Service, EDS, 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures Television, Latin Polygram Records, Six Flags, MTV, NASA, Hard Copy, MGM, CNN, American Journal, Family Fitness Centers, J. Paul Getty Museum, VW, etc.

In 1993, Carey opened an office in the Haggar building on the Paramount Studio lot where he produced and edited theatrical P.S.A. trailers for domestic and international clients. In 1995, Carey began his world tour with an invitation from Martin Scorsese to show his work-in-progress, documentary on Timothy Carey and to represent his father’s movie, THE WORLD’S GREATEST SINNER (1962) at the Munich Film Festival. The film festival touring of THE “WORLD’S GREATEST SINNER has continued every year, bringing the film to more than 20 states and countries. The latest tour stop brought the film to Tasmania, Australia in 2018.

In 1996, shortly after the death of his father, who died before his work as a playwright could be realized, Romeo picked up the mantle by directing, producing and starring in the play Insect Trainer. The play was sponsored, in part, by Scorsese. In 1997, Carey started work as a film/video expert witness for Pro/Consul. Inc representing high stakes legal cases for fortune 500 corporations.

In 1999, Carey co-wrote produced and directed the movie with his producing partner Robert Villalobos. The film stars Tierney (his last film appearance) and Trejo. The film has not been released due to interest in holding the project 20 years before screening.

In 2000, Carey was contracted to produce and direct the Japanese/Taiwanese road film, Horse Horse, Tiger Tiger in Japan and Taiwan over a series of months with his partner Lynn Miles. While in Tokyo, Carey met his wife Mari.

In 2001, Carey started the first Digital Movie Making/Avid Editing Career Education class in his hometown at the El Monte-Rosemead Adult School breaking school enrollment records. In 2005, Carey was recruited by Beverly Hills High School to teach in their television department and manage the Media Director position for their local Time Warner Digital Channel, He also works for Santa Monica College as an adjunct professor in Digital Media.

Carey continues to mentor at Beverly Hills High School and sends many students each year to prestigious universities including holding the record for most admitted in a single year to USC Media/Cinema School. He also continues to mentor and work on acting roles with his primary focus on personal independent film projects. He is currently working on The Skip E. Lowe Documentary with his producing partner Robbie Curtis and is in pre-production with the live-action animated motion picture, The Insect Trainer.

Carey is devoted to his wife Mari and three children Fiory, Akira and Prima and resides in South Pasadena, California.

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