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Of his many passions regarding old film from the silent era, antique hand-cranked projection machines are perhaps his most unique. He has a collection that includes early Edison, Pathé and Keystone, but his favorite is the 1909 Powers Cameragraph model 6 that he completely restored to perfect working condition.

His love of silent film started in his childhood from broadcasts on early television and a chance showing of an 8mm Charlie Chaplin film that his father brought home. He graduated from 8 to 16 and eventually to 35mm which necessitated the acquisition and restoration of the projectors.

He is one of few private citizens to work with the Library of Congress on the preservation and restoration of silent films, which he uses for his performances.

He recently completed the restoration of an American Fotoplayer (a piano-organ, sound-effects hybrid that was used in silent movie theaters) for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for their museum collection which will be used to narrate the Harold Lloyd films for our performance. This machine was built in 1917 and is one of the most unique musical instruments in the world.

Mr. Rinaudo is ably assisted by his able assistant Gary Gibson.

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