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Crackin’ Wise(Various)


“I never forget a face, but in your case I can’t wait to forget both of yours!” In the movies, there’s never that moment when you think, oh if only I’d said that! Movies have a cosmic ability of having its characters say the perfect comeback, comment or remark at the right time. Thank goodness for so many writers who give us this gift of satisfaction. “Don’t I know you from somewhere? – Maybe, sometimes I get careless where I go.” If one doesn’t stop and listen, many of these kinds of lines can be missed. The hard work that writers did to come up with these lines often vanished between scenes as the rapid-fire action kept going. “I staked him to chow and a flop and gave him my last fin.” Writers used street language in the movies which now, sometimes, has an unintended comic effect. These time capsules in jargon show how writers kept their ears to the …street. This clip show will have some better known, and lesser known, moments from the vaults of the Paramount Archive, along with a bit of history on the writers themselves. Snide remarks, witty retorts, silly asides, street jargon—we’ll have them all with glimpses of seldom seen films from the 900-plus titles preserved by the Paramount Archives. (Digital)

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