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Even after 50 years, the car race through San Francisco in this 1968 police thriller remains one of the most famous chase scenes in film history. It’s the exciting centerpiece of a taut police tale starring Steve McQueen, whose police lieutenant, Frank Bullitt, is trying to solve the murder of a mob informant under his protection. The 11-minute chase took three weeks to film, with cinematographer William A. Fraker capturing multiple perspectives, including some thrilling point-of-view shots from behind the wheel, at speeds topping 110 miles per hour. Editor Frank P. Keller then combined the footage so effectively he won an Oscar. The cars used in the chase, two Ford Mustang GT Fastbacks, became so famous the car company released special edition Mustangs in 2001 and 2008, and has another version coming out this year. That wasn’t the film’s only cultural contribution. In addition to inspiring decades of chase scenes, McQueen’s style brought new popularity to desert boots, trench coats, blue turtlenecks and brown tweed jackets. (d. Peter Yates, 114m, Digital)

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