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Bull Durham(1988)

Writer-director Ron Shelton drew on his own experiences as an infielder in the minor leagues to create one of the greatest sports films: an exuberant, literate treatment of minor league baseball as a world of its own. He had wanted to write about the minors for years but couldn’t come up with the right approach until he decided to tell the story from a woman’s viewpoint. So he created the role of Annie Savoy (Susan Sarandon), a baseball groupie who chooses one minor league player each season to take under her wing as lover and protégé in the game of life. When she picks pitcher ‘Nuke’ LaLoosh (Tim Robbins), it puts her in conflict with catcher Crash Davis (Kevin Costner), who’s been assigned to prepare Nuke for the big leagues. Although he wrote the screenplay, Shelton had to fight to direct his own film, as well as cast the then barely known Robbins. He finally agreed to work on a small budget and tight shooting schedule. With the perfect star trio and a great script, the film took audiences and critics by surprise. Not only did it score impressive profits, but the screenplay was named the best by the National Society of Film Critics, the New York Film Critics and the Writers Guild. (d. Ron Shelton, 108m, 35 mm)

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